Pisanje za objavo: kako se izogniti najpogostejšim pastem

  • Leslie Gelling Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge UK
Ključne besede: strokovno pisanje, objave, raziskovanje


Sharing research findings has become an increasingly important part of research as nursing is increasing required to base practice on the best available evidence. This editorial offers an insight into some of the common pitfalls to avoid when writing and submitting a paper for publication.


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Leslie Gelling, Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge UK

Reader in Nursing

Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education

Anglia Ruskin University




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Gelling, L. (2017) Pisanje za objavo: kako se izogniti najpogostejšim pastem, Obzornik zdravstvene nege, 51(1), str. 4-8. doi: 10.14528/snr.2017.51.1.161.